Will manufacture and supply a quality product to our customers that meets their requirements and is shipped on time.

We continuously improve its product designs, its product costs, and its ability to ship on time while maintaining the quality of our products.

Custom Cylinders and Rods

Telescopic Cylinder

DAT95Application and Specification worksheet.

Complete form and submit to request a quote from our sales department.

Piston Rod Cylinder

PistonRodCylTake a look at our line and provide us with the basic eight specifications: Bore Diameter, Closed Length, Length of Stroke, Piston Rod Diameter, System Working Pressure, End Mountings, Maximum Load-Extend, and Retract Applications.

We will design a cylinder to make your job easier every day and perform for years.

"Off-the-Shelf" cylinders may save a small amount of money per unit, but they seldom satisfy the total job requirement. Too often, engineering revisions have to be made when trying to fit a standard cylinder to a specific application. With Custom Hoists, it is easy to get a hydraulic cylinder job under way.

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