WK 102 Wet Kit

Gear Pump With
Integrated Tipping Valve

  • Multiple pump options with air shift, cable shift or hydraulic tipping valve
  • 35-50 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir with mounting brackets
  • Pneumatic or manual hoist control
  • 27 GPM with up to 3000 psi hydraulic system
  • For operation of dump trucks and dump trailers


Hydraulic Reservoir - Upright Mount

Feb 21, 2018, 14:39 PM
  • Steel or aluminum construction with diamond plate top section
  • Steel finish: black powder coated
  • Aluminum finish: bright polished
  • Fully baffled with two heavy duty NPT bottom ports
  • Features filtered mushroom vent for increased air exchange
  • Filler/breather assembly – including 40 micron filter/breather cap (chain mounted) with nylon strainer basket and bayonet closure
  • Dual mounting rails (2" × 2") welded to tank assembly
  • Sight/temperature gauge standard
Categories : Reservoirs
Photo_WK102_Reservior_upright WK102_schematic_Hyd_Res_upright Wet Kit 102-2 Line System Brochure