Dissassembly and Assembly Tools


Tool Kits (Part No: 1-TK-1) 
Used to install packing, remove retainers and spacers.




Chain Wrench with add'l Chain (Part No: 1-CW-19) 
Used to tighten and remove head nuts.




Strap Wrench (Part No: 1-TL-19)
To hold plungers from turning during assembly or disassembly.




Thread Lift Rings For lifting tubes.
3" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-20-3)
4" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-20-4) 
5" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-20-5) 
6" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-20-6) 
7" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-20-7) 
8" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-20-8) 
8-1/4" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-20-8 1/4) 
9-1/8" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-20-9 1/8-1) (8-15/16" thd.) 
9-1/8" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-20-9 1/8) (9-1/16" thd.) 
9-3/4" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-20-9 3/4)




For installing plunger stops, spacers and new style retainers 
3" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-21-3) 
4" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-21-4) 
5" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-21-5) 
6" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-21-6) 
7" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-21-7) 
8" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-21-8) 
8-1/4" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-21-8 1/4) 
9-1/8" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-21-9 1/8)
9-3/4" Tubes (Part No: 2-TL-21-9 3/4)




Retainer Ring Tool
SN #400,000 and up (Part No: 2-TL-18) 
Used to remove retainer ring



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