3000 Series Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder
Product Information

  • 3000 Series has up to 23% more lifting capacity and more stability in the critical last plunger.
  • Chrome-plated plungers standard; optional nitrided plungers.
  • Domestically manufactured and stocked for immediate shipment.
  • Oscillating trunnion collar reduces side loading..
  • O.D. sealed with state of the art U-cups.
  • Fits a variety of dump body applications.
  • For Front Mount Dump Body Cylinder Force and Stroke Calculations link

Item #

Cylinder Tube O.D.

Operating Pressure

Stroke (A)

Closed (B)

Ext. (C)

 5.53-3002-1206.38"2500 psi120.00"52.88"172.88"
 5.53-3002-1306.38"2500 psi130.13"56.25"186.38"
 5.53-3002-1406.38"2500 psi139.88"59.50"199.38"
 5.54-3002-1686.38"2500 psi168.00"55.00"223.00"
 6.53-3002-1307.29"2500 psi130.12"57.88"188.00"
 6.54-3004-1507.29"2500 psi150.00"52.12"202.12"
 6.54-3004-1607.29"2500 psi160.00"54.62"214.62"
 6.54-3004-1707.29"2500 psi170.00"57.12"227.12"
 6.54-3004-1807.29"2500 psi180.00"59.62"239.62"